#22 ‘soups/soupes (for the people/ pour le monde)’

Bonne journee!//Good journey!!

Here, soon: // Voila:
#39: GARlic soup: The recipe calls for 11 cloves per person. I suggest that you leave your vampire friend at home, and bring your kissing buddy for an interesting test.
### Soupe de l’ail! Ca va eliminer tous les petits rhumes qu’il vous reste…puis aussi c’est super delicieux et cremeux, selon la recette (dans la quelle j’ai beaucoup de confiance).
#40 GARbanzo bean soup: Herby & nourishing. May it bring you delight & gratitude, as it did the last caller here.
### Soupe de pois chiche: Savoureuse et renforcante. Qu’elle vous apporte le bonheur lumineuse.
Soup’s to becoming
what water is to change and
tsunami’s coming.
Pick your favorite title for the little haiku above:
‘disaster IS natural’
‘on ratios of density’
‘why are their lullabies but no songs to wake us up?’
‘we aren’t dammed’
‘we aren’t damned’
‘damn good soup!’
‘the hot-cold game; thermodynamics for the win’

That was fun. Translations welcome…

Spring is in the wings! So many currents and tributaries… // Le printemps est presque au courant! Tant de fonte et de gouttes…

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