#18 ‘j/i <3 SOUP(E)'

mes amis mes amours! lovely friends!

Pour vous/4 u:
– parsnip & panais & ginger & gingembre (no yams ni patates douces)
– lentil(le) minestrone! (With tomatoes the color of sunshine/ Avec tomates eclatantes en rayons de soleil.)
No need to RSVP pas necessaire…even if you bring an extra valentine or two.
“When love beckons to you, follow him, though his ways are hard and steep.’ (–Kahlil Gibran)
“When soup seems just about perfect, it is; there are 4 buses (10, 45, 27, 47) around here that run frequently and there is a huge sculpture of a lion in the parc that is worth the trip, in and of itself. And the soup will be good. Also, I have some old compact discs to give away and there are some good tunes on them. Also, did someone forget a blue crocheted hat? It’s been here for a while so I hope your ears aren’t cold (whoever you are)!” (–Leah GW)
one love/un amour, 
(WednesdayS/mercrediS a(t) ~19h, a(t) 5266 rue de bordeaux st)

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