#10 ‘soups du soir (edition penultimate)’

Hi amis,

Il y aura soups demain, mardi, comme d’hab. As usual, there is never the same soup twice! Without further ado, the menu:
+ In the relatively bigger pot: Soupe aux Lentilles (Style Le Puy)! They are small, green, robust little ones, with lots of herbs, which are superheroicly fresh.
+ In the relatively smaller pot: So far il y a carrottes and parsnips. I left the very flavorful garnish in the oven overnight. The oven was on. It is now a candidate for this museum. So I will be adding some other, non-carcinogenic things to the carrots & panais. Vient gouter!
Aussi: let’s make some exchanges! Echangeons! Don’t you have extra somewhere? Existe-t-il l’exces dans ta vie? Existe-t-il/elle qqn(e) dans la vie a qui tu voudrais donner qqc(s)? Does going to a store to buy something seem ridiculous, when we all have so much in our own storage? Let’s air out the excess and trade, barter, swap, take, or leave it! The general idea is that this is very informal (c’est a dire not a one-for-one exchange). L’idee est de relache, deliberation delibere! Faire de l’espace pour l’espace et les ‘SI! possible!’ Les livres, les livres de vetements, un beau cadre qui ne va pas avec aucun dessin/photo et qui accumule la poussiere, books, clothing, a lovely piece of fabric, a little rug that has been sitting rolled up somewhere, a scarf you are just totally OVER even though it’s so soft, or a tuque that you finished long after the the baby-head it was meant for was the right size. These are all candidates for exchange, et plus, beaucoup plus. Whatever is left over will be donated to La Mission du Grand Berger, because the company I work for will match the donation (by approximating a monetary value).
Puis mardi le 28, entre noel et le nouvel an, je serai pas la! Alors pas de soupe night ici. Tuesday the 28th, there will be no soup night at my house because I’ll be out of town. Hence the ‘penultimate.’
Dernierement, si t’en as ras le bol (!) de recevoir ces rappels des soupes du soir, ne soit pas gene a me le dire! Tell me if you are experiencing a sensation of ‘excess’ with regards to these emails and would rather not be on the list.
Have a very wonderful semaine!

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