#6 ‘SoupS du Soir?’

Bonjour? Ou bien, bonsoir?
Est-ce que vous etes occupe (cccupee? occupes? occupees?) mardi soir? If you are free (aren’t you?) then please join us for the very next souper/supper and bring your QUESTIONS, would you please? You can also bring things to go with
++these SOUPS
  • nut soup
  • root & sprout soup, or stew?
I have a couple of questions to get you in the Q theme…do you want to keep reading?
  • What is your eating and drinking culture? Il y a a workshop mercredi le 17 de 16h a 19h, hosted by dear Myrite of www.tastylife.org (“Fermenting Culture: From Miso Soup to Heineken: How to Increase Your Digestive Health and Boost Your Immunity Through Homemade Fermented Foods.”)
  • Do you like tapping culture? I know Josh via my sister’s husband, and he just launched the site and je veux partager le beat!
Your questions can be of any sort…tricky ones, trifling ones, rhetorical ones, haunting ones, enlightening ones, en francais, ones with question marks at the beginning, and what other kinds are there? You can bring answers as well, but will you be ready to come up with a question for it if no else brought a question that goes with your answer? (Answers are more confusing, alone, than questions, alone, right?)
Wondering which came first: question or answer, root or sprout?

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One response to “#6 ‘SoupS du Soir?’

  1. hanna

    awesome for the link to josh’s site!! he would be so happy to know that his unique glow in the drum mission is making its way up north 🙂 xo

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