#5 ‘alphabets! soups!’

Good (gray) day!

Tuesday is tomorrow! Il y aura:
  • aduki/azuki/adzuki spiced delight mmmm
  • soup o poireaux avec ou sans patates (TBD) et avec….a special surprise! Splash-oooo
In high school, my lunch table was in the habit of hosting themed potlucks. My favorite was the K food potluck. They happened in 25 minutes! Tomorrow, since we will have upwards of 3 hours, we need not confine ourselves to a mere M, or only one o or a dotted i. Any characters or letters are welcome Bring tea! Bring peeled grapes (i-balls)! Bring something based on a recipe that someone sent you via E-mail. Bring bread if you love B-ing! Bring anything long, because ou, apres tout, would we be without those accents?
Il y aura aussi des trucs pour la correspondence, pour ecrire une lettre, un mot, ou qqch a une caractere preferee. Maybe a bonjour for a next door neighbor, or maybe start a chain letter or some variation or some other variation.
5266 rue de Bordeaux!
No need to RSVP! (ooo…but you could design an RSVP salad!)

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