#4 ‘two soups on November 2’


Soup is on tomorrow! Je soupçonne that you will want to join us pour vous enjouir avec:
– chick pea tomate-o pois de chiche gee whiz this is good Harira (made by Sara who says that it’s eaten at the end of the Yom Kippour fast and it originated from the Muslim tradition of Ramadan. It’s communion soup!)
– Soupe a l’orange (the color not fruit)….avec pumpkin! (Oh! And squash too! If there is none in the shop then I will drop the pumpkin and baf! Squash!) And perhaps parsnips.
…and…’tis the season to be a bit scared of the upcoming cold. There is now the end of a certain kind of life, and reminders abound, what with All Hallow’s Eve, and decomposing Jack O’Lanterns all around. Also, has anyone noticed or felt that there have also been a lot of unusually tragic and shocking deaths in the news lately? (RIP to the young artists who died so tragically this weekend on the island.)
With all this in mind…LET’S MAKE AN ALTAR* 
Pour mieux connaitre/considerer/faire face a la mort et aux morts, qui, un jour nous rencontrera, et pour feter les vies de ceux qui sont morts, there will be a little Day of the Dead altar for All Souls and Toussaints. There will be room to place any or no token or spoken-thing of a passed and still loved one, or a dead leaf, or anything else that once conspires, has expired and now inspires. Bring it, or bring some, or bring none. On apprend tant de l’absence n’est pas?
I anticipate an absence of bowls and spoons. If it’s not a hassle, please B.Y.O. No one will be turned away for lack of bowl and spoon (or lack of anything else!)! It simply means that there is less dish-washing and more soup enjoying.
There will also be a scrabble board set up so bring your fine motor skills and qi and other two-letter and q words. (Il y a qqn qui a une version francaise?)
Thanks y’all for your delicious and transforming vitals that have been around the table. What feasts!
*O.E., from L. altare (pl. altaria), probably originally meaning “burnt offerings” (cf. L. adolere “to worship, to offer sacrifice, to honor by burning sacrifices to”), but influenced by L. altus “high.”(from http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=altar)

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