#2 ‘Soups du Soir’

Allo bonjour!

Demain et chaque Tuesday, vous etes bienvenue chez moi pour souper. What’s on the menu? Des soupes. When, you ask? I’ll be starting them about 6 when I get home, and they should be ready by 7…and you can come anytime. What can you bring, you ask? Oh you are so thoughtful! Soup goes well with a lot of things. Bring something that will go with soup! (Examples are: an appetite, crunchy things to put on top, sweet things to eat after, vegetable things to eat alongside, absorbent things to dip in, a soup soliloquy, a favorite recipe for next time, a backrub for the choppers, a grace, a new face.)

I’m going to make an email list for you souper people, and I’ll send out an reminder every weekend. (I can’t think of a reason that I would have to cancel it, but if I ever do, I will send out an email saying so.) No need to RSVP…I will always make aLOTof soup.

So tell me if you want to be on the list!

Pureely yours,



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